Tuesday 11 March 2014

We accidentally a sovereignty

Last night the various alliances within HERO claimed sovereignty. I don't know all the details as of yet but it was a rather interesting night. It was amazing to see the organisation and manpower that the coalition was able to deploy given the opportunity. The sense of urgency and excitement was awesome. Here is my story. EVE is real, I was there yada yada.

I logged on for a strat op at 18:45 EVE time and quickly fit up an Exequror as we were running an armor fleet. The op started off a bit messy. People haven't quite got the hang of undocking from our new poop out station and we had a Tornado gang harassing us. They were waiting for our Megathrons, probing them down as they insta undocked and then tackling them before they were able to align and warp to the staging POS. Even our glorious leader, Lychton, got caught out by this and lost his mega. "Didn't want that mega anyway" he proclaimed over mumble before going to fit up a new one.

Eventually we undocked our fleet together to scare off the Tornadoes and made our way to the Titan to be bridged out. This was smooth without much waiting around, fortunate since the Tornado gang landed on us just as we bridged out. However, on land we found ourselves inside a bubble with a group of smartbombing battleships. I was pretty close so chose to burn directly away and out of smartbomb range as fast as possible, before aligning out with the rest of the fleet, and managed to avoid any hull damage. A couple of other exequrors weren't so lucky. After warping we were met by another smart bombing gang in a bubble, though fortunately this time few of us were in range and we made our way out of the second bubble relatively safely whilst destroying the aggressors. Next destination, structure bashing time!

My memory gets a little hazy here. Shortly after arriving at the structure we were engaged by multiple fleets, bubbled up and our Megathrons smashed by a bombing run, reducing most of them to 10-20% armor and some into hull. My history window then flooded with armor rep requests, making identification of the initial primaries impossible and we started to loose ships fast before logi could stabilise. I had been keeping range and was outside of bubbles staying aligned out. TiDi was at 10-20%. A request went out to get our own bombing run on the enemy fleet. The demoralizing reply of "we got uncloaked and are all dead" came back. Things were looking dire. The FC called an align that was between myself and the wall of bubbles so I maintained an align out to an alternative safe while keeping the fleet in range. Just as they got out of that set of bubbles another one went up on the fleet. Fortunately, the enemy bombers were kind enough to provide a get out of jail free card on their second run, destroying the bubble shortly after deployment, allowing our fleet to warp out. After watching the fleet get out safely I then warped to my align and then regrouped with them about 100km off our POS. The enemy fleet were on the opposite side on top of one of our fast tackle. In an attempt to get in the POS we warped to him at 100km. This put most of the fleet inside the POS, however I ended up about 5km outside the shield. Balls. I instantly overheated my AB and made best speed directly towards the shield. I was being locked and knew it was going to be close. Unfortunately it was the wrong kind of close and I got popped <500m off the POS shield. Ouch.

I had a couple of implants in, about 20 mill worth, so I felt that I would wait it out for a route home in my pod. Amid the confusion the enemy fleet was bashing the POS. A question then came up on comms "Uuhhh, is there stront in this POS?". At first nobody was sure. Though eventually someone piped up to confirm that yes, there was stront in the POS, moments before it went into reinforce. Phew! Time to play the waiting game. Realising that we were no longer a threat, the enemy fleet left. A little while later I got a private conversation invite and end up acquiring myself an Augoror from a fellow logi who had to leave for work. A little while after that Darkness of Despair, owners of the system we were in, disbanded. WHAT!? More confusion. Comms got crazy. Lots of people didn't understand what is going on. FCs explained that the systems are no loner owned and are free to be claimed. They started scrambling to organise reinforcement fleets, cynos and the logistics required to take sovereignty. We were no longer going home. We had a second wind and were taking sov. An opportunity had presented itself. It was time to get back into the action and begin a cleanup operation. I'm not 100% sure on the details, I just know that we had to go grind down some of our own structures and grind down the station in the system so that it would become ours. Unfortunately at this point I had to go to bed so I went back to the POS and logged off safely. However I was assured that content would be going until down time. It was going to be a long operation and pings were going out constantly.

In the morning, I woke up grabbed some coffee, logged in and checked that the Aug was still alive (I'd promised to give it back if I made it home). We had sovereignty and a station so I decided to dock up in our new system. Now I just need to figure out how to get the Aug back to its rightful owner.

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