Saturday 22 February 2014

Easy Listening

I spend a lot of time reading about EVE on various blogs (the sidebars will eventually be populated). I also listen to quite a few podcasts about EVE and I am always looking for more. I'd love more recommendations if I've missed out on any obvious ones. This post will be a quick rundown of the various podcasts I currently listen too and what they are about.

Broadcasts from the Ninveah

A short format podcast, usually running at ~15 minutes, by Kirith Kodachi who also writes the blog Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah. He typically does short readings from a number of blog articles and share his opinions on some of the subjects. Its a nice podcast which is short, sweet, and a good way to find interesting articles or blogs that you may not have been aware of or just to get a short dose of EVE content.

Cap Stable

Another shorter format podcast, at least relative to others in this list, with a run time of usually around 1 hour. It is run by members 4 members of AIEU, now part of the Brave Collective. It usually follows a consistent format without straying off on too many tangents and is quite light humored. They typically start off with general chit chat about the hosts activities in EVE, followed by current EVE news and then finish off with a kill of the week. They normally cover a range of topics in these segments and I tend to find it nice and easy to listen to.

Clueless Space Nerds

A relatively new podcast started up at the start of December 2013. This typically runs for ~2 hours and currently has 2 hosts, Rafe Collins and Domanark. The hosts manage to get through a range of topics at a nice pace and both are likeable whilst keeping their "zero fucks given" attitude at the forefront.  They are only up to episode 4 so far but I've been enjoying this and will keep my eye on it. 

Crossing Zebras

Self proclaimed "NUMBER ONE CCP CERTIFIED PODCAST" run by Xander Phoena and Jeg Elsker with a range of guests including regular interviews with CSM. This typically clocks in at 1 and a half to 2 hours. Crossing Zebras really picked up steam after the colossal effort put in by Xander to interview almost every candidate running for CSM8 election. Good banter and discussion between the hosts make this a great listen and the range of guests keep things fresh. The show is reasonably well structured, with the topics to be discussed announced during the introduction. Although they are good friends Xander and Jeg disagree on many topics keeping things interesting. Other than Declarations of War, via Ali Aras, and occasionally Podside, via Mike Azariah, they tend to have the most consistent interaction with the current CSM via monthly interviews.

Declarations of War

An older podcast, run by 2 time CSM representative Alekseyev Karde with co-hosts Ali Aras, a current CSM representative, and NinjaTurtle. A slightly less consistent run time than other poadcasts, ranging from 1 to 2 hours, though packed full of interesting topics. I particularly like this podcast due to Alekseyev and Ali being members of Noir Mercenary Corp, with Akelseyev being the founder, as it gives an insight into mercenary operations in EVE. Portions of the podcast are usually dedicated to reviewing recent contracts another other mercenary corp activities. They do also cover a range of other topics, with NinjaTurtle operating in wormholes and the range of guests they get on the show. Also, getting an insight into CSM processes via Ali and Alekseyev's experience every episode is another great reason to listen in. 

Down the Pipe

Hosted by Longinius Spear, Bronya Boga and Cethion the focus on down the pipe is usually wormhole space. Typically 1-2 hours in length. If you don't know much about wormholes, this is definitely a good place to start. They cover a range of topics, from the good fights in wormhole space to the politics between the various wormhole corps. I like this particular podcast for the "Story Time" segment where they talk about recent fights. Longinius in particular is great at talking about the various, and often ridiculous, fights he gets into in wormhole space. They also get on other wormhole guests from time to time with equally brilliant stories. Other than that the insight into wormhole space, which I know relatively little about, is interesting and often informative.

Fly Reckless

Fly Reckless just passed its 100th episode and over that time has seen a number of host changes. Currently led by Connel Tara with co-hosts Tumbles Goodness and Gynax Gallenor this tends to come in at the 2 hour plus mark. Usually more structured, in a similar vein to Cap Stable, with a general chit chat to start followed by their newly introduced  "Build Reckless" segment headed by Gynax, then their more educational segment where they typically discuss ships, fittings/modules and skills and finally the fail mail segment where they take some rather hilarious killmails and pick them apart for your entertainment. Generally pretty light humored and always a good listen. A notable feature of this podcast to this is the aforementioned "Build Reckless" segment focusing on industry and marketing as not many current podcasts out there, that I know of, have any focus on industry and it can be an interesting and informative segment.

High Drag

High drag usually has the largest panel of hosts other than Podside and usually comes in at around 2 hours. The larger and less consistent panel leads to more casual podcast with more general chit chat than some of the others. They often get through a large range of topics ranging from topical EVE news to thoughts on future development. The also get engaged in high quality podcast PvP with Crossing Zebras from time to time, though all in good fun. They do have some regular segments, such as the "Yin of Fin" where Fin takes you through some of his favourite fits and the best ways to use them though generally the cast is fairly casual and laid back. The range of hosts also leads to some more interesting debates due to the range of perspectives on offer which can be interesting.


Podside is by far the most regularly updated podcast on this list, with typically 2 shows per week. Also their shows regularly top the scales at the 2 and a half hour mark or even longer. The format of this show is probably the least organised and is more of a bar room chit chat, with hosts coming and going mid show, though it usually edges towards Null Sec discussions. Not necessarily a bad thing, though sometimes certain topics get drawn out a bit longer than they otherwise should and arguments can become a bit circular. The panel of hosts come from a range of backgrounds within EVE typically from within the podcasting or blogging community, including the occasional drop in by CSM representative Mike Azariah, leading to a range of topics being discussed. Podside also has a lot more Dust 514 content than the other shows listed here, though due to the nature of the podcast it is hard to predict when it will come up. This show almost certainly has the most heated discussions of any of the podcasts listed here, particularly when null sec politics are brought up. Podside can be a bit hit or miss at times but for the most part I find it entertaining. Just beware the CFC kool-aid.

The Daily Roam

Hosted by Forget Myface and Spillrag this podcast usually clocks in at about ~1 hour. The hosts usually get through a range of topics in each show but the focus is generally small scale or solo PvP. I particularly enjoy this podcast due to the heavy emphasis on ship fitting and tactics discussions employed day to day by the hosts as it is an area I want to get into and I find it very informative. Usually less chit chatty than other podcasts with less topical discussion but it fills its niche nicely. They also do contests on each show which are detailed on their website, usually focusing on ship giveaways in order to get more people involved in small scale or solo PvP. I'd highly recommenced this podcast if you are interested in solo/small scale PvP.

I enjoy all of the podcasts listed here. However if you are new to podcasts and looking for one to start off with some specifics might be a good way to start. Here is a basic categorisation depending on what you are looking for:

Bitesize EVE content: Broadcasts from the Ninveah
General EVE chit chat: Podside, High Drag and Clueless Space Nerds (though all podcasts have this to some degree)
CSM insight: Crossing Zebras (monthly interview), Declarations of War (Ali Aras) and Podside (when Mike Azariah is around)
Structured format: Cap Stable, Fly Reckless and Declarations of War
Focused content: Declarations of War (Mercenary Corps), Down the Pipe (Wormholes), Daily Roam (Solo/Small Scale PvP) and Podside (Nullsec politics almost every show).

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